Thursday, 3 January 2013

And We're Rollin'!

Hopefully everyone likes the blog. :D Feel free to post comments on likes/dislikes below.

Last weekend, two girls were telling me that they felt ugly. Unattractive. Disliked their looks. Thought their future husband would feel sorry for them.

And I know I definitely struggle with the way I look too. In fact, I could list you off everything I dislike about my face alone right now. :D

When you opened to this main page, I'm hoping that you looked at that bluebell and thought - that's beautiful!

Good. Cause you're looking at one handprint of a Master Designer. Who also happened to be the same one to create you. :D

We developed what I like to call The Beauty Project.

In one week, we're each getting our Bibles out and researching exactly what God has to say on beauty.

And then on Sunday, we're going to post up reports on our findings on our Facebook page:

Please feel free to join us!

~Siân and the guys at The Beauty Project :)

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